Theatre Links

Theatre Links was founded in 2001 by Justin Cash and includes a rich and ever-growing collection of resources about live theatre from websites across the world.

Theatre Links is a specialised directory with categorised resource pages. Each page contains a well-researched and curated collection of external websites, academic articles, YouTube clips, images, and other related content on a wide range of theatre-specific topics. Individual resources are objectively annotated and linked for your convenience.

We’ve got you covered with resources on everything from theatre scripts and plays, theatre history, theatre styles, theatre production and stagecraft, drama education, and more.

Justin Cash Theatre Links
Justin Cash

On Theatre Links, you’ll find resources on Shakespeare, musical theatre, stage lighting and sound, industry websites, lesson plans for the classroom, theatre terminology, monologues for actors, and theatre styles ranging from Epic Theatre to the Theatre of Cruelty! Whether you’re a professional director, actor, theatre teacher, student, or simply a lover of theatre, Theatre Links has something for you.

Justin Cash has been teaching high school drama for over 30 years and was awarded the Drama Victoria Award for Excellence in the Digital/Online Delivery of Drama in 2021. Justin was acknowledged for his continued contribution to online teaching on Theatre Links‘ sister website, The Drama Teacher. Drama Victoria is the largest professional association for drama and theatre educators in Australia.

Theatre Links is also the recipient of a previous Drama Victoria Award for Excellence.