ABWAG Great website resource with plenty of useful tips about acting and helpful definitions of acting-related terms.

Actor Site Acting website with casting notices, acting resources, fundamentals etc.

Actor Source Acting website with sections on getting started, resources, monologues, agents and more.

Actress Link Great site with a directory of web links for hundreds of famous actresses, past and present. Warning: avoid the annoying pop-ups!

Anne Fielding Article about aesthetic realism and acting.

Backstage.com Useful resource site for actors in the USA with show reviews, latest industry news, casting details etc.

Bravo TV Site of the US cable television show Inside The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. Features news on the show and upcoming episodes with famous actors.

Jeremy Whelan Informative website from an accomplished actor, director and teacher who has published several books on acting. Site inlcudes detailed tips about the audition process, performing monologues, acting in film and TV, how to get started in acting, plus more

State University of New York Geneseo Useful two-part lecture notes by Melanie Blood on the actor’s goals, tools and processes. Includes discussion on various acting styles through history.

Southern Illinois University A collection of photographs of English actors in full costume at the turn of the 20th Century.

The Alchemy of Acting Comprehensive resource site for actors

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Outstanding resource examining various definitions of acting by famous practitioners and actors throughout history. Includes theories of traditions, the actor’s qualifications and training and the actor’s approach to the role. This essay also discusses the contributions of Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud and Grotowski among others, to the art of acting. (archived version)

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Excellent article by Strasberg on the theatre, the art of acting and actor training. First published in 1960 in The Texas Quarterly, this article is essentail reading for any actor.

The Hollywood Podcast Interviews with actors by podscast.

TheatrGroup Comprehensive series of articles on method acting procedures.