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Anton Chekhov Biography

Russian novelist and playwright Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) has often been considered the father of the modern short story, such was his skill. But he was equally adept at writing plays. In his canon of seventeen stage works lies four of the best plays in modern theatre: The Sea-Gull, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya, and The Three Sisters. After an initial attempt at melodrama (Platonov), Chekhov wrote plays in a naturalistic style that embodied genuine characters revealing inner emotions. In 1898, a production of Chekhov’s The Sea-Gull became a staggering success at the Moscow Art Theatre, where it was co-directed by Constantin Stanislavski, who also played the role of Trigorin. – Justin Cash

anton chekhov
Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

Comprehensive biography from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Wikipedia entry on the Russian playwright detailing his childhood and various phases throughout his adult career.

A detailed account of Chekhov’s life and the many influences on his writings, plots and characters.

Anton Chekhov’s Naturalistic Style

Resources from The Drama Teacher on the conventions of realism and naturalism in the theatre.

anton chekhov the sea gull
An early reading of The Sea-Gull at the Moscow Art Theatre with Anton Chekhov (seated centre-left).

Resources elsewhere on Theatre Links from around the web on realistic and naturalistic theatre.

Comprehensive article on the development, characteristics, works and practitioners of both the realism and naturalism movements.

Anton Chekhov Plays Analysis

Analysis of the world Chekhov presents in his plays, his style, plus the types of characters who inhabit them.

Analysis of the themes, dialogue and characters of Chekhov’s four major plays.

Ebook analysing the author’s career, life, influences and major works.

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