Theatre directing is the art of combining all the elements of a stage production together into a unified whole that satisfies the director’s artistic vision. The director’s functions are many, including casting, analysing and interpreting the script, running blocking rehearsals, being faithful to the playwright, and coordinating the various creative teams such as lighting, sound, scenic and costume design. – Justin Cash

Australian Catholic University Excellent lecture notes on the contribution of several 20th Century theatre directors including Artaud, Brook, Grotowski and Meyerhold.

Bruce Miller All you need to know for first-time directing a stage production, from the Educational Theatre Association webiste in the States. Part 1 focuses on the planning stages.

Bruce Miller Part 2 of Bruce Miller’s comprehensive advice on stage directing. This article focuses on the rehearsal process.

Debra Bruch Worthwhile article on the various aspects of a theatre director’s job.

Donna Benjamin Comprehensive discussion of the role of a theatre director from a website about Australian women theatre directors.

Northen State University Excellent FAQ on the functions and role of the Broadway director and producer. Includes information on types and length of rehearsals, play selection criteria etc.

State University of New York Geneseo Excellent three-part lecture notes by Melanie Blood on the theatre director’s goals, tools and processes. Also includes discussion on the historical conventions of directing.

VTheatre Introduction to directing, making reference to famous directors Meyerhold and Stanislavski.