Theatre Directing: 40 Valuable Resources

Definition of Directing

Theatre directing is the art of combining all the elements of a stage production together into a unified whole that satisfies an artistic vision. The functions of the director are many, including casting, analysing and interpreting the script, running blocking rehearsals, being faithful to the playwright, and coordinating the various creative teams involved in lighting, sound, scenic and costume design, plus more. – Justin Cash

Directing Responsibilities and Duties

Explanation of what a theatre director does at various stages of the process including finding a project, creating a vision, building a team, scene breakdowns, blocking rehearsals casting etc.

Article discussing the director’s role to actively engage and include the audience in contemporary theatre, moving away from the passive spectator mould of more traditional theatre.

Journal article detailing the dynamics of directing for the stage and screen, comprehensively outlining all aspects of a theatre director’s role and function.

This overview includes the evolution of modern directing as an art form and various approaches to the craft.

Summary of the accomplishments of the modern theatre’s most influential directors from Theatre Links’ sister site, The Drama Teacher.

Article outlining ten common problems likely to face most theatre directors.

Article discussing the essential five things adult student directors need to learn when studying this craft.

Series of interviews and videos about the role of the director in various Melbourne Theatre Company productions. Excellent student resources to assist students in understanding this essential production role in the theatre.

Encyclopaedia Britannica article on theatre directing in the 19th and 20th centuries including notable practitioners and directing styles.

Theatre Director Job Description, Work Environment, Career Path

Overview of the job description, duties, educational and/or training requirements, and likely salary of a professional theatre director in the US.

Job description, responsibilities, salary, working hours, qualifications, hours, skills, professional development, career prospects etc of a professional theatre director in the UK.

Job description, responsibilities, work environment, required skills, salary etc for a professional theatre director in the US.

Job description, career path, work prospects, professional skills required etc for a professional theatre director from Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music.

Job profile for a UK theatre director including job description, salary and benefits.

How to become a theatre director in the UK explained, including job role, training routes, work environment, etc.

Job description, qualifications etc for an artistic director in the theatre company.

A comprehensive glossary of theatre directing terms.

Student Directing Resources, Lesson Plans and Units

Excellent lesson unit covering 20+ hours of student work including planning, reading the text, rehearsing, understanding style, and more.

Diploma-level plan for a complete unit. Could easily be adapted for senior secondary-level drama or theatre students.

Series of short videos suitable for students about the function and role of a theatre director from The Old Vic Theatre in London.

Very good theatre directing unit overview including activities that could be easily adapted for different age groups and skill levels.

Great multi-lesson unit for students covering levels, blocking, script analysis, rehearsal schedules and more.

Handy top 10 tips for young directors from Theatre Nerds.

Excellent series of practical lessons for students on the art of theatre directing covering the directorial approach, staging, stage directions, subtext, context and the rehearsal process.

theatre directing

Useful student resources outlining the types of questions a director must ask during the rehearsal process.

Great article for the student director: how to direct your peers, leadership skills etc.

Useful top tips for directors from Pioneer Drama.

The Inside Guide to Directing produced by The Old Vic Theatre in London is a great resource for students and includes director profiles, tips, pre-rehearsal process, rehearsal process etc.

Outline for a five-day directing workshop with questions for discussion, tips, practical exercises that could easily be adapted and used in the theatre classroom.

University-level teaching unit with an outline of assessment tasks for inspiration if creating your own teaching program.

Five-lesson unit on the director’s concept, with worksheets.

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