Jerzy Grotowski (11 August 1933 – 14 January 1999) was a Polish theatre director and innovator of experimental theatre, the “theatre laboratory” and “poor theatre” concepts. Grotowski was born in Rzeszów, Poland on 11 August 1933 and died in Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy on 14 January 1999, aged 65.

Owen Daly Grotowski’s set of acting principles.

Lee Strasberg on Poor Theatre Excellent essay detailing Lee Strasberg’s definitions of acting. Includes a useful section on performance styles outlining Grotowski’s Poor Theatre.

Pillory Theater Interview with a member of a theatre company using Grotowski’s techniques.

Scribd Sample pages from Grotowski’s seminal text Towards a Poor Theatre.

Scribd Essay on Grotowski’s theories of movement and physical training.

The Daily Times Copy of a theatre review from 1969 of Grotowski’s production of “The Constant Prince” performed in New York City.

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