Stage Props: 40 Resourceful Websites

Stage props exist as their own distinct area in modern theatre. Normally small moveable objects are often handled by the actors, these form an integral part of the overall design process. While there are various agreed categories, the division between prop, costume and set is often vague. Terminology varies from prop makers and designers to masters and managers. Advances in technology have aided in the development and sophistication of props for the theatre. – Justin Cash

Theatre Props Resources

Great educational article for students from the Melbourne Theatre Company about what happens to these items after a show has finished. Some are repurposed, some are stored, others are recycled, used for future rehearsals, and hired out to the public, while the occasional one is sold to the public.

Useful set of guidelines for high school students.

Somewhat dated, but a very useful handbook covering all aspects of this area of theatre from pre-production and research to budgeting, building, the tech process etc.

Table and chairs – common props used in a drama classroom.

A brief overview of the history, function and types of stage properties for the theatre.

Section of a technical handbook covering categories, lists and acquisition of items for productions.

A brief look into how the Royal Shakespeare Company makes items for their productions, including the time frame from conception to stage production.

An excellent introduction to stage props and effects.

Glossaries of Props Terms

Glossary of about 60 technical theatre terms relating to this area from

Master Props Lists and Templates

Step-by-step guide on how to create a master list with everything you need to include.

Google Docs downloadable template for a master list. For Word version, download as Word from the Google Doc.

Master list template example in PDF.

Preliminary sheet template example in PDF.

Example of a master list template in PDF.

Preliminary and completed master list examples for various shows: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4.

Job Descriptions

Job description for the property designer/manager from the University of Oregon.

Handy resource on the types of activities a maker for theatre, film or TV could expect to do, key skills required, and the necessary education to make a career in this field.

An industry job description for the tasks needed in the role of a designer.

Job description, expected salary, experience and skills needed, responsibilities etc, from

Quick overview about what a maker does, what education and/or skills are required, likely salary etc.

Article discussing the recent rise of the term prop designer, what the job entails and what types of theatre shows will you most likely see this title employed? Other articles include master vs director and what is a coordinator in this field.

Props build crew, master/mistress and running crew job descriptions for university theatre.

A detailed description of duties for the props master in productions at Appalachian State University.

Overview of the ten most common duties of a props master.

A detailed description of the responsibilities of the properties manager.

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