A property, commonly shortened to prop (plural: props), is an object used on stage or on screen by actors during a performance or screen production. In practical terms, a prop is considered to be anything movable or portable on a stage or a set, distinct from the actors, scenery, costumes and electrical equipment.

Educational Theatre Association Excellent article detailing all aspects of a props master’s job.

Northwest Missouri State University List of duties for props master.

Washington University in St. Louis Guidelines for a props master (as a practicum in a University course).

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (Canada) List of duties for property master, assistant property master, props buyer, props builder and props assistant.

Cornell College Duties for props master.

Prop People The online home for the props professional.

Proptology Props magazine homepage. Although the online version of the magazine is outdated, there are still a few interesting articles here about props and prop-making.

The Association of Theatrical Atists and Craftspeople Professional trade assocaition for theatre artists, among others.

The Society of Properties Artisan Managers Professional association of prop managers.

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