Sound Design

Kai Harada A useful sound handbook including an introduction to sound, basic sound terminology, basic electrical theory, the basics of sound systems, a comprehensive sound glossary, input devices, mixing desks, processing devices and microphones.

Kevin Flinn Brief overview and tips for microphone use, sound systems and related jobs in the theatre industry.

Screensound Australia National screen and sound archive.

The British Library British Library sound archive.

Sound America Lots of interesting tiny sound downloads from cartoons, comedy, movies, sound effects, spoofs, television shows and themes. But beware of lots of annoying pop-ups, also.

MiniDisc Community Portal Everything you needed to know about MiniDiscs, including tips and tutorials, online forums, models, technical details and theory.

Northern State University Useful FAQ on the functions of sound (and stage lighting) in the theatre.

State University of New York Geneseo Excellent two-part lecture notes by Melanie Blood on the theatre sound designer’s goals, tools and processes.

Digital Audio Systems Sound files from a small selection of movies and TV.