Stage management is the practice of organizing and coordinating a theatrical production. It encompasses a variety of activities, including organizing the production and coordinating communications between various personnel (e.g., between director and backstage crew, or actors and production management). Stage management is a sub-discipline of stagecraft.

Bemidji Community Theatre Advice for stage managers.

Carissa Dollar Worthwhile webpage discussing the stage manager’s duties.

Internet FAQ Consortium Useful suggestions for what to put in a stage manager’s toolkit.

Markham Youth Theatre Easy-to-read guide to the stage manager’s duties.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Outstanding stage management resource examining every aspect of the stage manager’s duties.

Noda Brief insight into the stage manager’s tasks.

On Set Software Website promoting play rehearsal scheduler software.

Singapore Theatre Guide Useful bullet-pointed glance at the stage manger’s tasks.

SM Network Excellent resource website for stage managers and students of this discipline.

Steve Nelson Useful article from the Educational Theatre Association website detailing the necessary tools for backstage crew members.

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