Links to websites containing glossaries of theatre-specific terms for teachers and students. Here you’ll find definitions for acting terms, technical terms covering stagecraft and production areas, improvisation terms, playwriting terms, and even historical terms for Greek and Roman theatre. – Justin Cash

Outstanding list of general and technical theatre terms from the American Association of Community Theatre website.

Excellent glossary of drama terms for the classroom.

Excellent glossary of technical terms for the theatre, searchable by letter, word or category from Theatrecrafts.

East Los Angeles College Theatrepedia glossary of mostly theatre genres and styles.

Great list of theatre terms useful for community theatre.

Comprehensive list of general and technical terms for the theatre from Cambridge International.

List of drama terms from publisher McGraw-Hill.

Glossary of theatrical terms from the Grand Stage Company.

Small glossary of theatre terms.

Useful ancient Greek and Roman theatre glossary from the Ancient Theatre Archive.