Theatre Terms

Terminology is a discipline that systematically studies the “labelling or designating of concepts” particular to one or more subject fields or domains of human activity. It does this through the research and analysis of terms in context for the purpose of documenting and promoting consistent usage.

ADC Theatre Lexicon Archived version of a long list of definitions for many theatre terms.

Canton Schools Useful glossary of theatrical terms (PDF).

Childrens’ Creative Theatre Basic glossary of theatre terms for young people.

David’s Glossary of Theatre Terms Very comprehensive glossary of theatre terms.

East Los Angeles College Theatrepedia Useful glossary of mostly theatre genres and styles.

Grand Stage Company Glossary of theatrical terms.

ImprovComedy Excellent glossary of improv terms.

J R Clancy Comprehensive glossary of theatre and stage rigging terms.

Lewis Heniford Useful glossary of various theatre genres.

Lutron Small, but useful collection of technical theatre terms.

McGraw-Hill Useful glossary of theatre terms used in Edwin Wilson’s text The Theatre Experience.

McGraw-Hill Another list of drama terms from publisher McGraw-Hill.

Oregon Public Education Network Small glossary of theatre terms.

Performing Comprehensive dictionary of technical theatre terms (highly recommended).

Performing Useful dictionary of comedy terms.

Playwriting 101 Useful list of playwriting terms and definitions.

Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch Comprehensive glossary of theatre terms.

SJR Theatre Useful list of theatre terms (Word doc)

The Ancient Theatre Archive Greek and Roman theatre glossary.

The British Theatre Guide Comprehensive glossary of technical theatre terms.

Theatre On A Shoestring Long list of useful theatre terms

Theatrecrafts Excellent glossary of technical terms for the theatre, searchable by letter, word or category.

Thomson Gale Useful glossary of literary terms (many of these common theatre terms/genres etc).

Tupelo Community Theatre Archived version of a useful, but less comprehensive glossary of theatre terms.

Vincent Lighting Systems Comprehensive glossary of stage lighting terms.

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