Theatresports and Drama Games Resources

Theatresports are a form of competitive improvisational theatre game first introduced in the 1970s by Keith Johnstone at the University of Calgary. Games structures are known as handles, each with their own guidelines. Theatresports games are usually played in teams of four, normally have time limitations of one, two or three minutes duration and are scored based on players demonstrating technique, narrative and entertainment. Apart from being great fun, Theatresports are an effective tool for building improvisation skills in the drama or theatre classroom. – Justin Cash

Excellent resource from the Improv Encyclopedia with nearly 500 Theatresports™ games! Download the pdf file of all the games, neatly listed under 27 categories, then alphabetically with instructions.

Theatresports™ and improvisational website Learn Improv with over 200 games, exercises and warm-ups. Includes some excellent advice for teaching Theatresports™.

Excellent Theatresports™ training manual for teachers and students outlining the ten commandments of Theatresports™, basic gameplay rules and a glossary of key terms. Handles are divided into 1, 2 and 3 minute games with stimulus provided to assist. Includes suggested warm up exercises and games.

Fantastic Theatresports™ resource The Living Playbook from Seattle-based Unexpected Productions has nearly 350 Theatresports™ games and exercises.

Detailed glossary of improvisation terms, especially for understanding Theatresports™ games. Great for classroom use.


Useful list of about 100 Theatresports™ games and 60 exercises with descriptions from Sheer Idiocy.